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Website Wireframing

$55+GST / per hour

If you are looking to develop a website and are unsure about how it should function, what it should look like or what features it should have, this service will assist you by providing you with some options.

Before you invest in having a new website developed you need to have at least some idea about how your website should function, what it should look like and what features it should have, etc. This is important because you need to be able to communicate effectively with the developer to ensure they develop a website that accurately meets your business requirements, i.e. you need to give the developer some guidelines. To do this, it helps to have website wireframes to reference and play with during the creative process.

A wireframe is like a blueprint that represents the skeletal framework of your website. Wireframes act as a visual guide and are created to assist with the creative process prior to the development of a website. They can be hand-drawn sketches or created using a software tool like Balsamiq.

After receiving instructions from you, I will create a series of website wireframes using Balsamiq. Following this, I’ll work with you, going back and forth, until you are happy and satisfied that the wireframes are an accurate representation of the website that you want developed. You can then give these wireframes to a developer, or have me liaise with a developer, to kick start the project and have your website developed.

If you are able to provide accurate wireframes to a developer or agency at the beginning of your project, you will save a lot of time and money on development costs.

Website Project Management – Initial Stage


If you are a small-to-medium business owner who needs a new website, but you haven’t got the time to deal with agencies, this service will assist you by freeing up your time to keep running your business.

The first step in a new website project typically involves finding a digital marketing agency to develop your website. This is a lengthy process that involves preparing a brief document, briefing multiple agencies, hearing their responses and finally deciding on one to develop your website. Even the act of choosing suitable agencies to brief can be a complicated undertaking because there are so many to choose from, especially when you consider that most website projects these days are handled remotely, i.e. the most suitable agency for you might actually be located in another country.

For a fixed fee of $400+GST, I will assist you by helping you prepare a brief document. Following this, I’ll find 3 potential agencies that are suitable for your particular project and match your unique requirements. I’ll then formally brief these agencies and answer any of their follow-up questions. Once they respond, I’ll collect each response, review it and then discuss it with you either over the phone or in person. I’ll provide you with feedback about each response and a completely unbiased opinion about whether I think the agency is the right choice for you. You’ll then make the final decision. Finally, I’ll inform the winning agency and organise for a contract to be sent out to you. At this stage, the development of your new website will begin.

The greatest benefit of having me involved in the initial stage of your website project is to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by an agency. I’ve previously worked agency-side for many years and its common for some agencies to price projects a little higher if the client is unaware of the costs involved. For example, one agency might quote you $15,000 while another might quote $25,000. Without knowledge about how websites are developed, it’s unlikely you would be able to determine how much value there really is in spending an extra $10,000 on the more expensive option. This is where I can step in and explain why the quotes are so vastly different in cost, whilst also identifying if I think the agency is deliberately trying to take advantage of you. Having me involved could save you thousands in the long run.

Website Project Management – Ongoing

$55+GST / per hour

Following on from the initial stage of a website project, once an agency has been picked, there is always a lot of back and forth required between you (the client) and the agency. The agency will require clarification on certain features, approvals on specific stages, content, payment of invoices, etc. If you are a busy small-to-medium business owner, you might find the amount of communication required to be time-consuming and overwhelming.

To alleviate the stress involved in keeping your website project on track and free up your time so you can dedicate it to managing your business, I will manage the project from your end so you don’t have to. In short, I’ll be your middle man.

I’ll take responsibility for any request made by the agency and ensure that they receive a prompt response. I’ll only alert you to requests that absolutely require your attention or approval and, if I can complete their request without involving you, I’ll do so. If the agency isn’t responding in a timely manner, or they are way off schedule, I’ll step in to negotiate a solution.

I’ve seen a lot of website projects suffer from delays and issues as a result of poor communication between the client and agency. I’ve also seen the end product look nothing like what the client had originally conceived, simply because there had been a communication breakdown along the way. I want to ensure your project stays on track, is delivered on time and ends up being what you envisioned from the start.

Basic Website Maintenance

$55+GST / per hour

If you have an existing website, but you haven’t got the time to maintain it, this service will assist you.
After receiving instructions from you, and the login details to your website’s back-end, I will perform regular maintenance duties for you on request. Such duties would include the adding or removing of products/services, staff members, testimonials, events, etc.